Monday, 3 June 2013

What is The Difference Between Income Tax Attorney and Tax Relief Attorney?

Most of us have a vague knowledge about taxes and their laws. These laws can vary from state to state and need thorough legal guidance in understanding. There are several kinds of taxes and you need a good attorney by your side to deal with them. It is not uncommon for most of us to think about an income tax attorney and a tax relief attorney to be one of the same. However there is stark difference between the two it terms of the area of law that they practice. The role of one cannot be interchanged with the other and here in this short write-up we shall try and figure out these differences as well as the things you need to keep in mind while hiring a tax relief attorney.

To start with a tax relief attorney is one who specializes in tax law. A tax relief attorney can help you navigate through devious tax policies from agencies such as the IRS (Internal Revenue Service). They help you reduce your tax debt and also work out a repayment plan that is convenient to you. An income tax attorney on the other hand specializes on how to file income tax returns under income tax law. They deal with all the aspects of your income and taxes under different criteria taking into account all the aspects that should be taken into account while paying income tax.

In most cases you will need to hire the services of a tax relief attorney for your tax relief processes and you need to be extremely choosy in hiring their services. You need to verify the credentials of the tax relief attorney and take a look at the cases they have taken up in the past and the outcome of these cases. They should have experience as a Certified Public Accountant or at least have a background in accounting. You need to know the kind of reputation they hold in the industry as it takes a lot of hard work and skills on the part of a lawyer or a firm to establish strong reputation in the industry. Dealing with the IRS needs a lawyer to have skills to foresee the kind of actions that the IRS would take under certain circumstances and how to manage such situations.

Another thing that you must take note of is the cost of hiring a tax relief attorney. There aren’t any benchmark rates that are prevailing in the industry and it all depends on the skills and the past record of the attorney. However this doesn’t necessarily imply that higher the rates you are likely to expect a judgment in your favor. The way an attorney bills you might also be different. While some attorneys charge you on an hourly basis there are others who might ask you for an upfront payment. In case you aren’t sure of their fees it would be wise to ask them for a detailed quote and they shall get back to you with all the payment and terms. is a leading law firm of California where you can hire most experienced tax relief lawyers and Bankruptcy Lawyer in California .


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